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REBLOG: 10 Blessings in Disguise

I just came across an inspiring post by Aishwarya Shah that uncovers the silver lining to making mistakes. Every experience - good and bad - is an opportunity for us to grow and learn. Read her full post by following... Continue Reading →


Two Mindsets Infographic

Solfeggio Healing Frequencies Playlist (Spotify)


HELLO ALL (just an update)

I sincerely apologize to my readers for such a long hiatus. I have been helping my mother care for my nana (who has dementia). I have been feeling the winter blues lately, but I hope to get back to being... Continue Reading →

Resist the Urge to Criticize

Some tips from Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff by Richard Carlson, PH.D.: Criticizing has more to do with us than the criticized. Criticism does no good and only contributes to distrust and anger in the world. How many times... Continue Reading →

It’s Ok To Have A Bad Day *NEW POST*

Having a not-so-great day? This entry by Dr. Perry can enlighten you on the silver lining of, and how to deal with, negative emotions.

Featured: Jessica Lanyadoo (astrologer)

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7.83 Hz : Schumann Earth Resonance Binaural Beats (video)

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