Mental Health with Moody Mei

I am not a medical professional, but here's my journey through the labrynth of life

I actually sketched something for the first time in months!

Just primitive-looking scratches with pen, but maybe "it" will come back to me? I miss creating art.



This is simply showing what I am currently prescribed and consuming (as far as pharmaceuticals) and how it is working (or not working) for me. 🚫Please do not take any substance(s) without consulting a medical professional first.🚫* I take the... Continue Reading →


Spiritual Me is a free app I came across while browsing through the Apple Store. Spiritual Me is an app that focuses on mindfulness and spirituality while helping you relax and learn basic relaxation techniques. As I mentioned, the app... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

My life as of late + the tension between my family

“Hallucinating (Mariachi version)” by Elohim


I encourage you to take a moment to either meditate, pray, and/or learn something new bout mental health! Have a blessed day!

My Epiphany (pt. I)

🔹 A BRIEF HISTORY OF ME 🔹 NOTE: I was privileged enough to grow up with what I needed and wanted. Also, I had identified as agnostic since around age 16. As a baby, my mother jokingly told me I... Continue Reading →

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